Bering Truck Computer

In Vehicle Order System

Bering is a complete solution that lets you manage orders and deliveries directly from a touch screen in the truck.

Our Truck Computer is named after Bering Island in the Bering Sea. This island is desolate and experiences severe weather.

We know that handling orders from a moving vehicle can be a rough environment as well. Bering is a system with high functionality that will help you manage your orders – easily.

You can use Bering Truck Computer to manage several kinds of products. 

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Manage Orders and Deliveries

New orders appear on the touch screen in the vehicle immediately. This means you can deliver the ordered items sooner.

Bering also lets you schedule your deliveries the most efficient way. To save time... and money.

Deliveries are shown in the back office system immediately - allowing you to invoice delivered items sooner. 

Monitor Stock Levels

All stock movements are registered continously to help you control your stock levels. 

This includes:

  • Loading the truck
  • Deliveries to your customers
  • Deliveries to your own sites

Syncronized with the Back Office

All information about orders, deliveries and stock levels is syncronized between Bering and coDatahost continuously.

If you use other invoice or order systems we can exchange data to keep you updated.

In the Truck

- use Bering to:

  • Select orders to deliver
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Register deliveries 
  • Check stock levels
  • Enter stock levels

In the Back Office

- use coDatahost to:

  • Assign orders to a truck
  • Assign orders to a route
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Check stock levels
  • Enter stock levels

Product Details

The standard installation includes:


  • FleetPC Car-PC with Windows 7
  • Touch Screen 10.4”
  • Mobile Router
  • GPS Receiver


  • Bering Software Program
  • Liberty - A Secure Webservice to syncronize data between Bering and coDatahost or other order and invoice systems


  • Navigation Software
  • Reverse Camera
  • Epson U295 Slip Printer 

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