Price Structure

CoDatahost operates with a unique price list structure that allows you to handle a large number of prices.

You can create an unlimited number of price structures. A price list inherit the prices from higher levels in the structure. On each level a price can be adjusted up or down. When you change the price on the top level the price will automatically change on all lower levels in the structure. 

This means that when a price changes you will only have to enter a new price in a few price lists. 

You can create price lists that apply to a single site or a group of sites.

The price lists can operate with prices with or without VAT.

Of course, we will help you to set up the best price structure for your company. 

Advanced Prices

Use Time Schedules to set up price lists to be active during specific periods.

For advanced rebate calculations you can use Discount Groups.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Individual Prices

For each customer you can connect a price list for card sale and for order sale.

You can set individual special prices on each customer

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