Order Sale

Orders, Ordered Items and Deliveries

CoDatahost helps you create, plan and manage orders and deliveries.

Order sale is a process with various stages. The status of the orders and deliveries changes automatically throughout the process, making it easy to see what the next step is.

Orders, deliveries and invoices are linked to eachother throughout the system.



  • Overview all orders
  • See PDF Order Notes
  • Copy Orders

Ordered Items

  • Plan Delivery Date and Time
  • Assign Deliveries
  • Enter Deliveries
  • Adjust price and quantity


  • Adjust Price and Quantity
  • Edit Delivery Details
  • See Invoices
  • See Delivery Notes
  • Approve Deliveries 
  • Transfer to Invoice Module

Create New Orders

You can create new orders with just a few clicks.

Based on the settings CoDatahast can suggest various parameters such as price and quantity.

You can take a look at the customer's previous orders of the same products.

You can even copy a previous order and just set the new delivery dates to create a new one.


In-Vehicle Order System

Use Bering Truck Computer to manage orders and deliveries directly from the truck.

All data is syncronized automatically between coDatahost and Bering Truck Computer.

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