Knowtronic Online Payment Terminal

KT-Retail is an online card terminal that accepts both Bankcards and your own local, branded cards. 

The terminal is MID approved.

The terminal is approved by Nets/Teller to accept Bankcard transactions (Visa, Mastercard and Bankaxept).

It is a complete system, including:

  • Secure Pin Pad (EMV and PCI PTS approved)
  • Card Reader (EMV and PCI PTS approved) 
  • Touch screen, readable in sunlight 
  • Customer receipt printer
  • Fixed or mobile internet
  • Alarm and theft protection available
  • Connection to tank gauge
  • Connection to price sign

Local language is shown in the display.

We offer different models and modifications of KT-Retail. We can customize the terminal to fit the specific needs of your company.

Contact us to learn more.

Online Data Control

If you use coDatahost we offer complete online control.

All data about card sale transactions will appear immediately in coDatahost.

We can also exchange data to software systems from other providers.

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