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Who We Are

We are a small company located in Denmark. Currently our team consists of around ten dedicated people. Between us we have many years of experience.

Some of us have several job titles. We work as software developers, support agents, project managers, production workers, sales agents, shipping clerks and office managers. 

All personnel is continually trained to overlap, spreading knowledge and support ability on many hands.

How We Are Organized

We work together with our associated company coSolutions ApS.

Knowtronic mainly provides hardware solutions while coSolutions mainly develop the software.

The hardware and software solutions we offer are designed to work together seamlessly. Often we can provide complete 'All-inclusive' solutions.

All for your advantage.


Why We Listen to Our Customers

We often modify our systems and develop new functions to fit the special needs of a customer.

A growing number of companies trust us as their main system and service provider.

Our customized end-to-end solutions have already proven to help our customers control and even increase their business.

Our company benefits when your business is running and growing.

It's a win-win situation, really.

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